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With the guidance of Beast Pacing Running Coach and founder of Beast Pacing, Vanessa Kline, we will provide eight Pace Team Leaders for our Half-Marathon through Paris’s beautiful Bluegrass Countryside and through our three famous Horse Farms; we will have one each for our most popular Finish Times. All of them eager to help each of our runners meet their goal finish times at our Blanton’s Bourbon Derby!



1:30 Alex Bruns

Alex began running after his senior season of college basketball as a way to keep in shape. After a summer of running, Alex decided to try out his first race (a 5k), in which he took 3rd overall, he was hooked. It was around that time that he decided that a his goal would be to run over 100 5ks. A couple of years after this, with over 50 5ks under his belt, Alex felt called to go longer after the 2013 Boston marathon bombing. He set a goal to qualify and run in the Boston Marathon the very next year. He ran his first marathon in a time of 2:53:32 and admittedly did not want to do it again until Boston the following April. However, as Alex fell more in love with running, along with making some great friends and connections through the sport, he decided that the longer distance suited him best. Boston ended up being his 7th marathon and within the time frame of 13 months, Alex ran 8 marathons and 1 ultramarathon (5 marathons which were sub 3 hours), along with a dozen half marathons (With a PR of 1:19). Alex loves to race and compete, but more so loves to be around people who share the love of running. Alex resides in in a small suburb of Cincinnati where he assist a local cross country team while regularly training with a group of local athletes at a local running store, Buckeye Running Company. Along with marathons, Alex enjoys triathlons and October 2015 will be Alex’s first attempt at an Ironman triathlon with completing 24 prior triathlons of lesser distance. Alex has come to love the sport and recently extended his goal to not only 100 5k races, but 100 triathlons, and marathons over his lifetime.

1:40 Kyle Brumbaugh

Kyle Brumbaugh (35) began his running career at the young age of 11. Full of energy his parents were looking for a way to channel his energy into something useful –they found his sport. Running fit the bill perfectly and he thrived into a competitive runner throughout his middle school and high school career including multiple state qualifications in cross country, a school record set in 1998 which stands years later in the 4×800, and in 1998 a second place finish at the OHSAA Track & Field Championships in the 4×800 meter relay. After high school, he ran the Columbus marathon in an attempt to fulfill a lifelong dream of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. After obtaining an injury at mile 18 and dropping his pace from a 2:55 marathon to 3:25 he finished but missed the cutoff for qualification. After that, he took a break from racing while he completed college and master’s degree. He was 26 years old when he picked up racing again and set his sights on qualifying for the Boston marathon again. His first marathon back was the 2007 Flying Pig Marathon where he ran 3:59. It was a start and he proceeded to post better times until 2009 when, yet again, injury struck again during a trail race. Two discs (L4/L5) had been ruptured and he went through 5 months of physical therapy, two doctors telling him he was done with running, and finally he met with a doctor that would do the surgery (microdiscectomy) and claimed he would be back in no time. The surgery was successful and in 6 weeks he was running again. Nine months after surgery he ran another marathon and was on his way again to better marathon times. He also completed his first Ultra Marathon (50k) at Niagara Falls. After missing the cut off again at the Columbus Marathon in 2011 by 7 minutes (3:17) and making matters worse the BAA made the qualification standards five minutes faster (3:05), Kyle doubled down on his training. By the spring of 2012 he had significantly improved and accomplished his dream in an unconventional way by qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a 2:58 setting a personal best by 19 minutes while on a training run that he signed up for to complete a 20 mile run as a race simulation. As he ran by his wife at mile 20 waiting to pick him up he mentioned to her how good he felt and he was “just going to finish the race”. He then proceeded to set personal bests in each of his focused events within the next year. ◾ * 5K – 16:40 ◾ * 10k – 35:45 ◾ * Half Marathon – 1:20:54 ◾ * Marathon – 2:51:50 @ 2013 Boston Marathon In 2014 he began training for triathlons in an attempt to round out his total body fitness and completed two ½ Ironman’s that year IRONMAN 70.3 Muncie and IRONMAN 70.3 Steelhead. He also won the 2014 Air Force 10k in Dayton, Ohio. Kyle loves running and sharing stories and training techniques that got him to the level he is today. He enjoys giving back to the running community volunteering and pacing and always finished at the respective time assigned. Kyle is married to his wife (Nicole) and has two daughters Emma (3) and Olivia (5). He Runs for Runner Plus Elite, works in Information Technology, and lives in Tipp City, Ohio.

1:50 Daryl Alexander

Daryl starting running while in the military and decided to start distance running in 2012 when a friend asked him to train for a half marathon together. That race lead to a love of running. Daryl has run in over 20 half marathons and 4 marathons. He loves pushing his young son around town on training runs and a few races. Daryl used pacers in many races and decided to give pacing a try through Beast Pacing to help other runners reach their personal goals.

2:00 Bob Seaman

Bob has been long distance running since 2009. A former high school track sprinter, he considered anything more than one lap around the track a long run. After years of claiming he was going to run a local 5K, but never actually doing it, Bob registered for a half marathon forcing him into a “train or bust” situation. There was no way he could back out of running it and lose that registration fee! He ran his first 5K as part of his training program and won his age group (was also the only one in his age group). The t-shirt plus a medal was enough to get him “hooked on running”. That was until he completed that first half marathon and boldly proclaimed “if I ever say I am going to do that again, just shoot me in the head and get it over with”. However, less than an hour later Bob was planning his next half marathon and now wants to complete at least a half marathon in all 50 States. Fast forward to 2014 and 22 half marathons, 12 triathlons, 10 full marathons, 4 duathlons and almost 50 other running events later, he was able to qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon. After reaping the benefits of being a follower in many races, he enjoys paying it forward by being a pacer himself. Excited about turning 50 and getting to move up into a new age group in 2015, Bob plans on celebrating by completing his first 50K, first 50 mile ultra marathon and first 70.3 mile triathlon by the end of the year.

2:15 Dale Buettner

Back in 2010, Dale weighed more than 450 pounds and led a sedentary life. In October of that year he began his weight loss journey focusing almost exclusively on diet to start with. By August of 2011 he had lost the first 100 pounds and the desire to become more active was stirring. Two months later he began walking regularly for fitness/weight loss. After a year of walking and another 100 pounds gone it was time to take it up a notch, and he began the Couch to 5k program. He ran his first 5k in December of 2012 and immediately began 10k training. Finding a suitable 10k race proved difficult, so just 6 months after starting to run, Dale ran his first half marathon. The rest is history! Running is one of the key ways that Dale has maintained a weight loss of 280+ pounds for almost 2 years. In a spirit of paying it forward, Dale leads a food recovery group at his church and has helped beginning runners get their start. Now he wants to help you reach your goals!

2:30 Janine Lindgren

Janine fell in love with running until well into her adult years. She never thought of herself as a runner but decided to sign up for a half marathon in 2014 on a whim. After doing well in that race, she signed up for her next half marathon the next day and completed it less than a month later. From then on it’s been almost an addiction and she has completed more than 9 half-marathons and numerous 10 miles, 10k and 5ks. Running helped her develop a new sense of self after motherhood and has become that alone mind-clearing time needed for a balanced life. She wants to share the sense of peace and accomplishment with those around and looks forward to running the next race with you.

2:45 Amy Bollinger

Once an adamant “non-runner”, Amy began running back in 2012. What started out as an effort to expedite her weight loss goals, soon turned into a passion!  She ran her first 5k in August of 2012 and really liked the sense of accomplishment.  She soon set her sights on competing in a half marathon.  In December of 2013, she ran her first, the Smoky Mountain Santa Hustle, and swore she would never do something that crazy again!  She was wrong.  In 2014, she completed 7 halfs (PR of 2:10:35) and has set a goal of 10 halfs and her her first full in 2015! In addition to running, Amy does Zumba and Barre classes.  Amy lives right in the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains, in Knoxville, TN with her husband and son.  She hopes to be an inspiration to other “non-runners” out there!

3:00 Shannon James

Shannon began running in February 2013 at the urging of a friend.  As she increased her mileage, so too did her passion for running.  She has completed many 5k’s, 10k’s, 10 miler’s and half’s, with several more on the horizon.  She runs between 100-120 miles a month, has run 3 full marathons and an ultra!  She is a wife, mom to four teenagers and a 4th and 5th grade science teacher.  She loves the energy and connections that racing brings and loves spreading the running bug amongst family and friends.
Vanessa Kline – Founder of Beast Pacing was born and is still living in her fav hometown of Hesperia, California. She is an avid runner and has completed numerous Marathon’s and Half’s, winning numerous prestigious awards!  Vanessa is mother to 2 boys, Balin and Damian, and to daughter Harper.

Vaness Kline

Vanessa Kline – Founder of Beast Pacing was born and is still living in her fav hometown of Hesperia, California. She is an avid runner and has completed numerous Marathon’s and Half’s, winning numerous prestigious awards! Vanessa is mother to 2 boys, Balin and Damian, and to daughter Harper.

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